Portfolio Submission Information

Who should submit Sophomore Portfolio for review?

Current UCF or incoming transfer students that have completed with a grade of "C" (2.0) or better or are currently enrolled in ARH2050, ARH2051, ART2201C, ART2203C, ART2300C, ART2301C. If you are a transfer student, please include a copy of your official transfer institution transcript. Students are not allowed to enroll in upper level art and design courses without passing a portfolio review.

Required pre-requisite courses:

How should I format my portfolio?

You must upload at least one image for each artwork. The image should represent the entire work - do not crop edges!

The image must be in focus and represent the quality of the actual work (color, value). 3-D work must be photographed on a neutral background and lighted in a way that most clearly represents the work.

You may include an additional detail image.

Please review the following video for a demonstration on how to prepare your digital files:

Digital Image Requirements:

The artwork you include in your portfolio should demonstrate the following:

What work should I put in my portfolio?

  1. 4 (four) works submitted from ART 2300C Drawing Fundamentals 1 (or approved equivalent course) showing measure and proportion, structure, line quality - contour/gesture, volume, 1 & 2 point perspective, and value.
  2. 4 (four) works submitted from ART 2301C Drawing Fundamentals 2 (or approved equivalent course) showing line quality - contour/gesture, measure and proportion, structure, volume, 1 & 2 point perspective, and figure (life drawing).
  3. 3 (three) works submitted from ART 2201C Design Fundamentals 2D (or approved equivalent course): 2 (two) black and white and 1 (one) color projects showing the elements & principles of design: Line, Shape, Value, Texture, Space, Color/Color Theory, Balance, Contrast, Dominance, Harmony, Proportion, Repetition, Scale, Unity, and Variety.
  4. 3 (three) works submitted from ART 2203C Design Fundamentals 3D (or approved equivalent course) showing the elements & principles of design: Line, Form, Light, Texture, Space, Color/Color Theory, Time/Movement, Balance, Contrast, Dominance, Harmony, Proportion, Repetition, Scale, Unity, and Variety. Note: One of your three projects must illustrate the use of color theory.

When should I submit my portfolio?

The Spring 2014 Sophomore Portfolio is an online-only submission process and works should be submitted when the submission link posted below opens on Friday, February 14, 2014, and closes on Friday, February 28, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

When will I hear back about my portfolio?

SVAD Advising will notify you via Knights email (svadadvising@ucf.edu) of your pass/fail status on March 14, 2014. Any further steps will be described in the e-mail.

What happens if I don't pass Sophomore Portfolio Review?

If you don't pass Sophomore Portfolio Review and want to stay an Art Studio BA or BFA major, you have two options:

  1. Wait until the next major semester and re-submit your Sophomore Portfolio for review.
  2. Wait until the summer semester and sign up for either ART3321C Drawing Intensive or ART3951C Design Intensive. Drawing and Design Intensive are upper level courses with a prerequisite of any 2000-level Art History course.

Note: A satisfactory (S) review is required for both the drawing and design portions of Sophomore Portfolio Review.

Where should I submit my portfolio?

Your portfolio application and images should be submitted online. If you are currently a student at another institution, your transfer audit should be submitted to the following address not later than the posted deadline above:

Visual Art Building Room 117
UCF School of Visual Arts and Design

Portfolio Review submissions are now closed.


If you have any additional questions please contact:

Jason Burrell
VAB 117